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These wagons were introduced to the long-running flow of Limestone from Tunstead to Northwich as replacements for the elderly vacuum-braked PHV / JGV I.C.I. hoppers. Most of PGAs were in store at Taunton, Westbury and Didcot and were moved north once they had been given new wheelsets and attention to braking and running gear. See also the Ex-ARC PGA Hoppers

Above : Ex-Yeoman PGA PR 14333. Livery is blue upper FY Blue panel with silver grey sloping and end panels with black underframe. - the blue panel was re-painted when the wagon was overhauled for the Northwich traffic - not all wagons received this and at least one has complete YEOMAN lettering - CAIB logos applied either on blue panel or on sloping sides as shown - again there is no definitive version for logo applications. This wagon has Gloucester Floating Axle suspension. PG013E; Procor, Wakefield 1980; Tare 13.1t; GLW 51t.

Above : The many variations of the Ex-FY livery - from the left; Blue panel with large CAIB logo as applied to middle of wagon; Grey panel as applied to middle of wagon with large CAIB logo and untouched panel with complete YEOMAN lettering. Further along can be seen yet another wagon this time having all blue panel. These wagons are returning back to Great Rocks Sidings seen passing Hazel Grove.

This type of PGA can be modelled using the 4mm / OO gauge Hornby model as a basis. Bachmann axles in top-hat bearings sorts out the running abilities - a definite improvement over those plastic wheels. The actual models are not currently in production but examples can be picked up at swapmeets and exhibitions from time to time. However, the main source is from the Cheltenham Model Centre who have good stocks of the Yeoman, Redland, Tarmac (Olive livery) and Tilbury PGAs which can be brought for about 5 - 9 each depending on which type - they also do wagon deals as well.

I have converted 30 of these Hornby wagons to represent those that you see above and on the Ex - ARC wagon pages and they certainly look the part on the Hazel Grove and District Model Railway Society Hazel Valley layout with a class 60 at the head !