GMWA FGA 'Binliner' Flats

This page looks at the Greater Manchester Waste Authority PFA Flat wagons coded PFA which transport loaded and empty containers which have been loaded with domestic refuse. These services first started in the early 1980s and originally ran from new terminals located at Northenden, Dean Lane and Bredbury to a landfill site at Appley Bridge on the Wigan - Southport line. After this site was full the services ceased until a new site could be found. A new landfill site was proposed near Warrington but this idea was shelved. Instead, the trains started running to Scunthorpe where former ironstone workings were being backfilled with domestic waste. Initially, only Northenden and Bredbury were served by the Binliner trains. Dean Lane and Pendleton terminals were later added during 2000 as a split train service. All services are booked to run Monday to Fridays but only the Northenden service is booked to run on Saturdays

Loaded Outward Services

6E01 0152 Northenden - Roxby Gullet - out via Hope Valley and Doncaster

6E06 0940 Bredbury - Roxby Gullet - out via Diggle and Healey Mills a. 1210 (crew change with 6M05)

6E07 2049 Pendleton - Roxby Gullet - out via Diggle and Healey Mills *

Empty Return Services

6M05 0920 Roxby Gullet - Northenden - return via Healey Mills a. 1150/d. 1300(crew change with 6E06) and Diggle

6M07 1045 Roxby Gullet - Pendleton - return via Healey Mills a. 1320 (crew change) and Diggle *

6M06 1719 Roxby Gullet - Bredbury - return via Doncaster, Hope Valley, Stockport and Guide Bridge

* A feeder service takes the loaded portion fron Dean Lane to Pendleton where it is combined with the wagons from Pendleton and the wagons then depart as one complete train to Roxby Gullet and vice versa for the empty wagons.

Above : PFA GMC 92513 a Binliner container flats en-route from Roxby Gullet to Northenden in the loop at Hazel Grove Midland.

Above : A view of container number 755 showing the basic livery of 3/4 white and 1/4 end orange. Three containers are loaded onto each flat wagon and the usual consist for this train is 17 wagons loaded or empty. Sometimes the flat wagons will return back without any containers. This is wagon GMC 92584.

Above : Standard Y25C Sambre et Meuse bogies are fitted to GMC 92513 and the wagons in the number range GMC 92500 - 92542.

GMC 92500 - 509; PF007A; Remafer, Rheims, France 1981; Tare 19 t; GLW 80 t; Sambre et Meuse Y25C (VNH1) bogies = 10 wagons

GMC 92510 - 540; PF007B; Standard Wagon, Heywood 1982; Tare 20 t; GLW 80 t; Sambre et Meuse Y25C (VNH1) bogies = 31 * wagons

GMC 92541+542; PF007E; Standard Wagon, Heywood 1985; Tare 20 t; GLW 80 t; Sambre et Meuse Y25C (VNH1) bogies = 2 wagons

* Note that GMC 92527 and 92537 were scrapped and 92541 and 92542 were built as replacements. Total 41 wagons.

GMC 92580 - 92588; PF007D; Standard Wagon, Heywood 1986; Tare 20 t; GLW 80t; Gloucester GPS bogies; Numbers = 9.

Above : Gloucester GPS bogie as fitted to GMC 92584.

Above : Two flats passing thru Stockport on the 13/11/02 as part of 6M05 Roxby Gullet - Northenden empties  


Above : Containers 606 and C5314 both in the quarter orange three quarter white livery which most containers wear.  


Above : One of the original containers seen towards the rear of the train. Numbered 161 it seen with 109 and have a very plain looking side composed of 9 small ribs and fork-lift holes in addition to the ISO twist locks.

Update 14/01/04 - the Gloucester GPS bogies fitted to the batch GMC 92580 - 92588 are being replaced by more modern French Y27 or Y33 type bogies. I have noted 92580, 583 ,584 and 587 fitted with the new bogies. I have not found out why they have been replaced but spares may be a factor in the decision. 580 and 583 were noted in use on the Northenden set and 584 and 587 on the Dean Lane half-set.