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Visiting Wagons to the Peak District

From time to time, what could be termed as 'foreign' wagons visit the area often in connection with trials for new traffic flows emanating from the quarrying concerns in the area. This page will take a brief look at these wagons.

Redland / LaFarge Aggregates PGAs

Above Left : 14503

Above Right : 14519

Left : 14506

All at Peak Forest South sdgs on 02/05/02 stabled pending a move to Dowlow quarry for reloading. These are used on LaFarge block trainloads to East Anglia. 14522 was reported as being stabled at Dowlow the same day. This runs from Toton Yard to Dowlow on Tuesdays only. These wagons were originally built for Tilbury Aggregates but later purchased by Redland Aggregates during the late 1980s to supplant their growing rail operations.

Railease PGAs

Above Left : A rare view of the refurbished Standard Wagon/Railease PGAs on trial at Peak Forest. SRW 18500 and 18501 are seen at the head of a rake of RMC PHAs and Tiphook PIAs. Note the white livery and the blue Railease lettering and the RMC logo panel.

Above Right : Another view of the wagons behind 47441 which would draw the train forward so that the main train engines, a pair of Buxton Class 37/5s could couple onto the front. These wagons were converted from former British Steel Teeside limestone hoppers by Standard Wagon in 1983. These two were originally 18008 and 18045 though by 1992 most were stored at Tinsley. Some of the 30 wagons converted were used on sand traffic to the Doncaster area.

Both views c. 1989 and courtesy of Peter Cross

EWS MGR Coal Hoppers



Above Left : HMA 357072 in the Up sidings atPeak Forest although not carded is thought to be crippled. It is not the first time that MGR wagons have turned up at PF but I have not observed loaded wagons here before. The fine looking coal suggests that this was delivered to Blue Circle LaFarge at Hope for burning in the cement kilns.

Above Right : HDA 368312 is coupled next to the HMA hopper and again is in someway crippled thus preventing complete discharge of the coal load.

Both views 02/10/2002 at Peak Forest

Cargowaggon Vans

Above : Perrier Water branded Cargowaggon van 33 80 279 7 702-3 is seen stabled in the sidings at a rather snowy looking Peak Forest awaiting movement. These vans are usually allocated to work bagged cement traffic from Earles to Moorswater terminal in Cornwall.

Above : Another of the vans allocated to the bagged cement flow is this rather unusual Blue Circle branded yellow van. This is 33 80 279 7 683-0 again parked at Peak Forest. Also noted on this date were two other vans in the same livery, 611-1 and 613-7.

Both views dated 23/02/2002

PCA Cerestar Powder Tank

Left : PCA PR 10007 was an unusual visitor to the sidings at Peak Forest during June 2002. Note how the top half of the tank appears relatively clean unlike the bottom half which has seen the attention of a muppet tag-artist at some point. Despite several enquiries I have not been able to ascertain why the wagon was in the sidings. I suspect that it may have been involved in a trial at Hindlow or Dowlow for powdered lime traffic.