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Above : JGA RMC 17224 in the Down Sidings at Peak Forest. This was the last wagon of the first batch of bogie hopper wagons built for RMC. Livery is RMC Orange body with off white strip with the RMC diamond logo and 'roadstone' lettering in black. Underframe is black. These wagons see intensive use on all RMC services. PH009B later JG009B; Standard Wagon, Heywood 1986; Tare 21.9t; GLW 90t; Sambre et Meuse Y25C bogies; Numbers 17201-224 = 24.

Above : JGA RMC 17247 again in the Down sidings at Peak Forest. After the Standard Wagon batch had been in operation for a few years, RMC purchased some more wagons to a different design from RFS Industries, Doncaster in 1990 to supplant the growing services. Livery is basically the same as 17224 but adjusted to the increased height of the wagon. JG013A; RFS Industries, Doncaster 1990; Tare 23t; GLW 90t; Sambre et Meuse Y25C bogies; Numbers 17225-249 = 25.

Above : Brand-new JGA RMC 19241 in the Up sidings at Peak Forest with Transrail 56125 providing the background. These wagons were a run-on order from the Buxton Lime Industries fleet of JGAs. The only difference between these and the BLI wagons is the addition of an end inspection ladders and side steps seen on the right in the view above. White brakewheel to the left. The air-brake cylinders are hidden behind a door set into the sloping end of the wagon. JC014C; Tatrastroj Poprad, Slovakia 1997; Tare ?; GLW ?; Y25 Fabricated bogies; Numbers 19220 - 246 = 27.

Above : JGA RMC 13712 again at Peak Forest - these wagons were originally built for the RMC subsidiary company Hall Aggregates which operated services between Newhaven, Crawley and Tolworth in South-East England. After this traffic ceased during 1998 they were brought upto Peak Forest to be used alongside the other RMC wagons. Each wagon received an overhaul at RFS Doncaster and a repaint into standard RMC colours. Essentially they are the same as the RMC 17201-224 wagons but have slightly less capacity. PH009A later JG009A; Standard Wagon, Heywood 1984; Tare 21.75t; GLW 87.95t; Sambre et Meuse Y25C bogies; Numbers 13700 - 012 = 13 - originally prefixed HALL 137xx later RMC 137xx.

Above Left : RMC 19226 in the loading siding at Peak Forest along with RMC 19245 shown Above Right


Above Left : RMC 19224 with the roadstone wording and on the right is RMC 17231 in the same style of livery.

All 4 taken 28/03/2002.

Now those of us who have brought the Bachmann 4mm scale models of the 3rd Batch of RMC hoppers No.s 19220-246 will realise that the first release (Cat. No. 37326) had a 'ficticious' livery which RMC asked for. The second release (Cat. No. 37326A wagon RMC 19228)had just the plain livery with the RMC diamond. You may have realised from the photo above that some of this batch also have the 'roadstone' lettering. After surveying the fleet during numerous visits to Peak Forest, I can confirm that wagons 19220 - 19225 and 19239 have the 'roadstone' marking applied. To view the fruits of my research then click here RMC Liveries. The third release (Cat. No. 37326B) has also been released now numbered RMC 19238 again in plain livery.