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I will add some info and photos once it becomes available as I do not have any of my own at present. I am aware that these wagons were stored in the vicinity of Hindlow for a number of years but were scrapped during the mid-1990s. Wagons from the same batch used on ARC services in the South have also been stored mainly at March and some of these have recently been moved to Marcroft Stoke for re-use.

BRT 14600 - 627 = 28; PG005A; Standard Wagon, Heywood, 1974; Tare 12.45 t; Gross 50.95 t; BSC Primary Coil; Original livery was light buff with STAVELEY in black letters later same colour but with PEAKSTONE with the company logo. Some wagons may have a faded grey body colour. At least one wagon BRT 14627 received a white and orange RMC livery as shown in the book private Owner Wagons Volume 1 2nd Edition by Andrew Marshall on page 59 - the wagon is shown in Warrington yard during October 1987. These wagons worked between Peak Forest and Salford later Bletchley and also Carterhouse Lane, Widnes usually with the Tarmac PGAs. From notes in RAIL No. 198; Wagons Roll on page 39 BRT 14600 - 20 / 22 - 27 (27) have been condemmed - date @ end 1992/start 1993

BRT 14628 - 654 = 27; PG005B; Standard Wagon, Heywood, 1974; Tare 12.45 t; Gross 50.95 t; BSC Primary Coil; ARC Mustard brown livery with ARC logo. Originally used on various services to and from ARC Tytherington. Notes from Rob Vollands GBRail website advise that BRT14628 / 30-6 / 38-48 / 51 / 52 / 54 (22) were noted working off Westbury around the middle of September 2000- reported by Tim Ackerley - I noted 14628 on Bristol East yard and 14633 on Alexandra Dock Junc yard during September 2000 as well. Not sure what traffic flow these are currently engaged on but they seem to be in a pale blue or weathered grey livery possibily with CAIB logos affixed.