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Above : PCA BCC 11090 and 11096 en-route back to Hope Earles Sidings for re-loading seen passing Hazel Grove during 1992. These were the last version of cement tank built for Blue Circle before the recession of the mid-1980s took hold. Instead of the Centre-depressed or Vee tanker as seen on the other Blue Circle Cement Tanks these have a straight barrel with Metalair discharge system. Livery is Blue Circle grey with black underframe heavily weathered under cement dust. Gloucester Floating Axle suspension is fitted. PC018B; Powell Duffryn, Cardiff 1984-87; Tare 12.85t; GLW 50.35t; Ranges 10670- 10699 and 10988 - 11141 - note 10988 was the prototype wagon and was formerly APCM 9124 to design code PC018A.


Above : PCA BCC 11127 in the same consist as the above. Note the different style of brakewheel - this has what I call a solid cross whereas those above have the swirly style wheel. Wagon details as above. Ladders from each side meet small platform at non-brakewheel end and then walkway along top of wagon as far as second filler hatch. Body comprises of three side pieces as can be made out by the vertical lines highlighted by weathering. Air inlet pipes at brakewheel end - a hose connector and on/off valve on each side of wagon. See below for a more detailed view.

Above : Newly outshopped Metalair PCAs in the Up Sidings at Peak Forest awaiting a move to Earles Sidings for commencement of duties. These have been refurbished at RFS Doncaster and all of the wagons in the range are to be treated. Nearest the camera is BCC 11141 and 11131 both having the 'swirly' brake wheel with 11127 and 11138 having the 'solid cross' style of wheel. Recent wagons have started to appear with the Blue Circle Cement writing and logo on the sides. This was in connection with the new flow of cement from Earles to Moorswater nr Liskeard, Cornwall. Once have got a decent photo of one will put onto the pages.

Above : BCC 11036 seen basking in the sun at Peak Forest awaiting transfer back to Earles Sidings and eventually Hope works for re-loading.


Builders for the two batches are Powell Duffryn for 10670- 10699 and then both Procor and Powell Duffryn for the batch 10989 - 11141- the exact details of which wagons were built by who is unclear at this stage but it would seem that Procor built the first set of tanks then Powell Duffryn then more by Procor with Powell Duffryn completing all of the wagons upto 11141.

Number Range; Builder; Year

10667 - 10699 Powell Duffryn 1984

10989 - 11020 Procor (1984 - suspension unit date)

11021 Unknown - scrapped but possibily Procor

11022 - 11061 Powell Duffryn 1985

11062 - 11084 Procor (1985 - suspension unit date)

11085 - 11141 Powell Duffryn 1986 (11085-11139) & 1987 (11140 + 11141)

Information correct as of September 2005 following addition of recent notes.