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Finally, some newsworthy items to report ! First up is the limestone trial conducted by Freightliner HeavyHaul on behalf of British Energy who own Eggborough Power Station. On Monday March 8th 66607 + HHA 370310 were used on the first run which was 6Z50 1730 Earles Sdgs - Dowlow LaFarge then 6Z51 2330 Dowlow LaFarge - Earles Sdgs where the loco and loaded HHA recessed overnight. On Tuesday Morning (9th) the trial continued as 6Z52 0830 Earles Sdgs - Eggborough PS via Woodburn Jnc and Doncaster Station. After unloading, 66607 and the HHA returned to Earles where the trial continued on the Wednesday and Thursday but with an additional loade of 21 LaFarge PGAs believed to be the145xx series wagons.

It is also believed that another coal fired power station, believed to be Cottam (owned by London Power Company) is having Flue-Gas Desulpurisation equipment fitted as well. FHH have won the contract to supply Eggborough PS with limestone and it is thought this will commence shortly.

A rake of four HHAs were observed to be stabled at Dowlow on the 28/03 and again on the 04/04.

Another trial using coal hoppers was conducted in late March, this time by EWS using their HTA hoppers which were used on limestone trials from BLI Tunstead. They were noted heading towards Tunstead on the 22/03 in charge of a class 66. No further info on these but may be looking to use these on the Drax PS flow instead of the ex-National Power hoppers.

Second item to report is a newly delivered batch of MEAs which have been ordered by EWS for the Peak Forest stone traffic. 100 wagons have been ordered and like the other MEAs use redundant HEA chassis and a new box body. The body is identical to the others and a visit to Peak Forest on the 25th April revealed 26 new wagons of which 24 could be identified. 19 were parked in the Up Sdgs (roads 4 and 5) in two rakes; road 4 held 391652/1654/1631/1637/1657/1649/ 1641/1665/1675/1663/1660/1679/1646/1659/1656 then road 5 had 391635/1693/1698/1640. The other wagons were amongst a rake stabled in the Down Sdg 1 alongside the road but behind a loaded rake of RMC JGAs in Down Sdg 2. Only three out of the five marshalled in this rake could be identified - 391651/1642/1632. At the Dove Holes end of the same sdg were 391639 and 1672 parked with green carded 391343 and 1488. See pictures of these wagons here. I presume these wagons will be used on the new flow to Northenden and additional flows to Ashburys and possibly the sugarstone traffic from Tunstead.

No more news on the BLI Cement flow as yet and so it is presumed the cement plant is not complete yet and the wagons remain in store at Great Rocks/Tunstead reception sidings and Tunstead Lower yard.


I have added some additional photos of PCA tank wagons to the site. First, is one image of a white Procor PCA noted at Peak Forest during June 2002. Secondly, more detailed views of the underframe and fittings on the STS French PCA have been added now that I have found my APS film boxes. These were taken with a flash and so most of the detail has been captured on film.


Welcome to 2004 ! Hopefully this year should see the introduction into traffic of the BLI cement tanks, a new flow of cement from LaFarge Hope to Northwich for the stabilisation scheme, the LaFarge stone flow from Dowlow to Northenden and a new flow of stone from RMC Dove Holes to London - this is to be run in conjunction with Foster Yeoman and will utilise FY rolling stock - does this include the Class 59/0 and 59/1s ?? Only time will tell. The RMC Lime Mortar PCA tanks still seem to be active but was advised that the wagons were not quite suitable for the job. The ex-TRL Covered Lime Hoppers have now changed owners and have been re-prefixed VTG 135xx. No sign of the EWS CSAs been reintroduced on the powdered Quicklime flow and these remain in store at Craiginches yard in Scotland. The BM JEA hoppers are looking a bit scruffy now and surely a fresh coat of paint will be applied this year. No further news on the proposed operation of the JEAs on the Coke traffic from Moncton colliery.

I have amended some of the wagon pages with revised information and have added some additional photos which may assist in the construction of the new 51L PCA cement wagon kit for the STS type wagons.


Not much to report at moment. I have updated the pages for the ICI Hoppers and the BLI cement tanks with revised info and photos.


A nice sunny day yesterday Sat 27th, made my mind up to go and visit Great Rocks and Peak Forest to see what was there. After a long walk from the A6 where the 199 bus had dropped me off, I made for Great Rocks bridge then across the fields to see if I could see the new BLI tanks. I was a little puzzled when I spotted some blue wagons in the distance in the reception sidings leading down to the main stone loading sheds. Once I had gotten nearer it transpired that these blue wagons were in actual fact the JGA tanks sheeted over with blue plastic sheeting tied off onto the underframe and headstocks. I counted 24 tanks with sheets and looking from the public footbridge at least another 6 inside the new cement loading shed. Have a look at the BLI tanks page to see the photos I took. Later, I walked to Peak Forest and there was not very much on just 60004 / 032 / 039 and 067 with 66014 later joined by 66021 which arrived light engine from Northenden (ex GMWA Binliner service). No sign of the BM Northwich hoppers nor the incoming RMC Bletchley empties. No wagons of note with the usual TTA and TUA in the yard and rakes of MEAs and RMC JGAs alongside the road to Dove Holes.


I have added some more photos to the mml hst page of some recent obs. Also the images of the BLI cement tanks in traffic have been added to their page BLI tanks.


Not much to report at moment. I have obtained some better views of the RMC PCAs which were stabled in the main sidings at Peak Forest along with the GMWA Binliner flat which was originally taken out of service at Earles Sidings. I will add a few of these when time permits.


I have added two more views of the RMC PCAs, fuel oil TUAs and the ZFV Dogfish to the site. I also have some photos of the 'Buxton Peaks ' Past-time railtour which ran yesterday Sat 5th July from Milton Keynes to Buxton. The two steam locos 76079 and 45157 were added at Warrington BQ and worked the train to Buxton passing Middlewood at 1339. Both locos eased off the regulator as they approached the station though it might have been better to keep it open ! On arrival at Buxton 66102 was attached to the rear to allow the train to be recessed in the Up reception sidings. Here the two steam engines were watered and coal raked forward before the smokebox doors were opened and the ash shovelled out. To enable a return into Platform 2 (main platform), the Sprinter forming the Down Blackpool was shunted into Platform 1 out of the way. I then went to Gowhole to await the return leg which passed at about 1728.


I have added a page for the introduction of the new Midland Mainline services from Manchester Piccadilly to London St Pancras. This has been introduced as an alternative to the WCML services whilst parts of the WCML around Stoke and Crewe are being replaced.

A visit to Earles Sidings on Sat 14th produced the following wagons; Blue John shunter marshalling PCAs 11042/102/033/10695/11110/081/061/038/095/105/045/073/127/119/079/098/092/017 then next rake
11014/130/070/076/084/138/118/060/135/015/039/136/121/084/116/10697/11034/114 then another rake
Three rakes of MGR hoppers in yard plus a crippled GMWA flat wagon (since found out is KFA 92506) with containers - no numbers as at back of yard. 66529/561 + 609 stabled.
Stored wagons on branch siding were as follows; unid 2-axle wagon with spoked wheels; chassis of 11030 only;
Ex-BR Covhop - modified with inspection walkway and roof; APCM 10705 - marked WATER ONLY; BCC 10813
BCC 10804; APCM 10759; BCC 10773. At 1345 D8056 made a welcome appearance with 12 tanks for Earles Sdgs
from the works ! This class twenty has been hired from Harry Needle to work trains up and down the branch to the work. The previously hired class 08868 was restricted to the amount of wagons it could haul and since there is a 75 tonne weight limit on the branch it was decided to hire the 20 instead and it offers two advantages in that it the total weight is only 73 tonnes and it has an extra 600 horsepower as well. The 20 is in BR Green livery abeit with yellow warning panels and is on hire initially for six months.

Then travelled to Chinley on a Sprinter then walked to Chapel where got bus to Peak Dale via Buxton for refreshment stop at KFC !

Peak Forest - 60063 was propelling RMC empties from Ely into RMC quarry sidings 13707/3706/7224/7221/ 3709/7212/7231/3701/9227/7206/9242/7218/9246/7203/7217/9229/7239/9240/7222/7201/7227/7219/3711/7209.

In main sidings were - TUAs 70061/111, 74006; MEAs 391231/1488/1521 and full rake 391626/1008/1149/1385/1531/ 1543/1500/1410/1624/1506/1470/1010/1427/1452/1159/1441/1270/1122/1453/112?/1217/1343/1568/1627/1473/1148/ 1491/1155

60070 arrived with RMC empties from Bletchley 17225/7220/9221/9223/9235/ 7242/7232/9244/7238/9243/ 3708/9231/ 3704/9241/7241/9237/7207/9238/7229/7228/9226/7245/7230.

Long term inmates are 2 snowploughs #208 + 240 and Dogfish - now partially discharged ! Local muppets at work ??

Stabled locos were Locos 60040 (ex Northenden Binliner) /028/032/076.

News from the good Doctor gbrail indicates that BLI JGAs BLI11720-30 arrived at Frethun yard in France on 9th June. Thanks to the Doctor for allowing me to share this info. Shouldn't be long before they migrate up to Tunstead. Two independant sources have advised me that the cement traffic from Tunstead will not start until much later in the year. This is due to the fact that the actual cement plant has not been completed.


More news on the new BLI tanks posted to the BLI Cement page.


A visit to Peak Forest today revealed lots of engineers wagons stabled on the Down line for the relaying of the track in Dove Holes tunnel which has caused problems for a number of years now. First up was a mixed rake of MFA/MHA/MTA spoil wagons - incomplete as some hidden in Dove Holes cutting - 391205/394170/394549/394002/395237/394125/395200 395153/391346/395128/394183/395151/394061/391105/394531/394368. Behind was 66075 with ZCAs 200674/200382/ 110234/200868/200865/110677/460235/210298/460556/210351/460037/200436/460097/460630/110522/210207/ 460699/110630/110256/110483/110586/460274/110316 and 60036 "GEFCO" on the rear.

Stabled in Up Sdgs were 60002 / 039 / 098 with TUA 70104 / TTA 58269. 60013 was also present on two Autoballester sets formed of HQAs 380333/201/197/196/033 and JJAs 12981/964/968/949/965. There was a further mixed rake of MFA/MHA/MTAs was stabled in the Down Sidings which stretched down towards Great Rocks. Given the limited time that I had I did not bother with these. The usual RMC JGAs and some MEAs and three unid RMC PCAs were all stabled on the RMC sidings.

However, the main purpose of the visit was to see if the new JGA tanks could be seen and I was rewarded by the sight of nine of the new wagons sat in Great Rocks Reception Sdgs. They were in order from the Tunstead end JGA 11701 / 705 / 704 / 708 / 707 / 703 / 710 / 709 / 706. Wagon 702 is or was at Derby RTC for type testing and a further two are reported to have arrived at Wembley yard in the past few days. Photos of the new wagons see here.


First here are the obs from my trip with John & Dale Horton on 1st March

Hope Cement works - Wagon Repair Depot :- 10832 / 11030 / 036 / 060 / 061 / 086 / 093 / 130 / 134 / 135 / 136 / 80-2797-691-3

Main Works :- 10690 / 692 / 695 / 698 / 699 / 11010 / 011 / 014 / 015 / 027 / 030 / 036 / 058 / 068 / 070 / 085 / 087 / 088 / 090 / 094 / 098 / 104 / 120 / 123 / 124 / 126 / 131

Earles Sidings Headshunt :- 10671 / 693 / 694 / 11011 / 031 / 034 / 053 / 055 / 075 / 081 / 084 / 100 / 102 / 116 / 119 / 121 / 122 / 129

Earles Sidings :- 10686 / 691 / 697 / 749 / 755 / 756 / 781 / 783 / 784 / 785 / 790 / 791 / 793 / 795 / 798 / 799 / 800 / 801 / 809 / 815 / 816 / 817 / 818 / 820 / 822 / 823 / 824 / 827 / 829 / 831 / 834 / 836 / 871 / 873 / 880 / 11016 / 017 / 018 / 020 / 022 / 023 / 025 / 028 / 029 / 032 / 033 / 035 / 038 / 040 / 042 / 043 / 045 / 048 / 050 / 056 / 057 / 059 / 067 / 069 / 071 / 072 / 073 / 076 / 079 / 080 / 082 / 083 / 084 / 091 / 092 / 095 / 096 / 099 / 103 / 106 / 107 / 109 / 110 / 111 / 112 / 113 / 114 / 115 / 125 / 127 / 128 / 132 / 137 / 138 / 140 / 141.

My thanks go to my host and driver for the day, John Horton. We also visited more yards in the Yorkshire area before finishing the day at Rotherham Steel Terminal.

47488 is still engaged on driver training duties for the new Midland Mainline Manchester - St Pancras HST services which will be starting on Sunday 18th May. I noted it passing through Hazel Grove Midland at 1441 on 02/04 whilst 60046 took the early running JEAs past at 1524.

On Sundays from the 29th March - 11th May, the Northwich hoppers are diverted due to engineering works in Dove Holes tunnel for essential upgrades to the drainage and trackwork. This means the hoppers are diverted to run via Buxton, Furness Vale and Hazel Grove. The formation is reduced to 15 hoppers with the spare 10 left at Tunstead for the Monday morning turn. The train uses top 'n tailed 60s and the first loco will run down to Tunstead to collect the wagons whilst the second will wait at Great Rocks Jnc reception sdgs for the hoppers to arrive. The second loco will couple up and lead the train via Topley Pike to Buxton Up Reception Sdgs (URS) or Donahue Sdgs where following the arrival and departure of the passenger train will set back into the station before waiting until the Sprinter has cleared Furness Vale. Then they start the climb up to Bibbingtons summit before slowly making their way down to Stockport. I caught the hoppers on video and film last Sunday 6th April at Hazel Grove passing at 1337 lead by 60046 and tailed by gleaming 60065 "Spirit of Jaguar". After a reversal at Stockport the train takes the Northenden line to resume normal route direct to Winnington works. Today, I went to see the train at Stockport and it passed through Platform 3 at 1352 with 60044 leading and 60065 again on the rear. As it did not stop in plat 3 and reverse to gain the Up Fast line I initially thought the train would go via Manchester Victoria and the long way round to get to Northwich. However, walking to the north end of the platform revealed the train still sat on the viaduct. It slowly snaked across Heaton Norris Jnc and onto the Guide Bridge lines where it paused right on the crossing blocking the Up Slow and Fast lines ! With a Cardiff - Manchester and a Euston - Manchester waiting on the Down Fast the train cleared and disappeared from view. Thinking that was it I went to plat 1 to await the next Buxton train home. However, with the Up Euston in plat 2, 60065 pulled out from the GB lines and headed down the fast passing thru at 1442 before it stopped to gain the Northenden lines then heading for Northwich ! It is believed the empties return via the same route as well and pass Hazel Grove mid-evening around 2030 onwards. Wagons in todays consist were 19704 / 716 / 718 / 712 / 706 / 731 / 728 / 711 / 724 / 717 / 721 / 715 / 723 / 703 / 701 = 15


A quick update concerning the new cement wagons for BLI. One of the new wagons no. BLI 11702 was reported at Derby RTC having arrived at Wembley yard sometime around the 26th March. The wagon has a short tank and was reported to be in a grey livery although the data panel was in red. Whether this is the final livery or misidentification is not known at this stage. However, the good 'Doctor' at has been able to obtain some more info. Initial details are that thirty vehicles numbered BLI11701-20 have been built to design JGA-M JG016A; dimensions 13.84 x 2.82m; cap. 64.0t, tare 26.0t; 60mph. Registration code 32BLI. Thanks to the Doctor for this info. Now it is just a matter of time before they turn up at Peak Forest......

A further update will include full details of my wagon sightings trip with John and Dale Horton on the 1st March on which I was able to record the PCAs at Hope works and Earles Sdgs.


Passing through Stockport on Thursday 20th March at 1625 was an unid FL 66 with 20 newly overhauled Blue Circle Vee Tanks which have recently been completed by Wabtec at Doncaster. These wagons have had a blue patch painted on around the filler caps possibly to highlight where the filler nozzle should be inserted ! The following wagons were observed at Doncaster recently; 10739 / 771 / 787 / 808 / 811 / 814 / 819 / 828 / 833 / 882 / 897 / 898 / 900 / 901 = 14. However, I initially believed that these wagons were going to Earles Sdgs, Hope for loading but I am unsure if this correct.

The glorious spring sunshine inspired me to visit the Hope Valley in search of the Blue Circle Vee tanks which have now re-entered traffic. Travelling up on the Sheffield train formed of 142004 I passed a pair of Freightliner 66s thought to be 66509 and 66513 heading light towards Crewe at Chinley.

A short walk alongside the River Noe brought me to Earles Sidings where the following wagons were observed.

Headshunt - PCAs BCC
11105 / 096 / 018 / 071 / 040 / 041 / 135 / 115 / 074 / 059 / 128 / 126 / 089 / 010 / 10698 / 11086 / 094 / 124
Main Sidings PCAs BCC
11031 / 067 / unid / 127 / 092 / 104 / 10692 / 11138 / 085 / 090 / 027 / 015 / 039 / 056 / 099 / 10695 / 11098 / 10699 / 11088 / 107 / 020 / 10691 / 11042 / 113 / 136 / 057 / 064 / 026 / 051 / 047 / 133 / 109.
10790 / 756 / 749 / 832 / 801 / 795 / 788 / 834 / 873 / 800 / 11032 / 10823 / 822 / 799 / 880 / 781 / 798 / 820 / 827 / 785 / 816 / 11029 / 10831 / 784 / 793 / 755 / 809 / 829 / 815 / 818 / 11112 / 10830 / 836 / 824 / 817 / 791

So there was no sign of the 20 Vee tanks which I noted passing Stockport on the 20th. It is possible that the wagons were down at the actual cement works or the wagons were being moved to somewhere else. One thought that has occured to me is that the scheme to stabilise the salt workings under Northwich town centre should be starting up shortly and it **may** be that the wagons are actually to be used on these workings conveying Fly-Ash from the power station to Winnington Sidings. Watch this space....... !

Later the same day I ended up at Peak Forest where the following wagons and locos were observed.
RMC Dove Holes Sdgs - RMC PCAs RC10045 / 048 / 043 / 049 - wagons showing signs of loading and movement !
Down Sdgs - MEAs
391410 / 1624 / 1473 / 1627 / 1339 / 1343 / 1008 / 1490 / 1217 / 1123 / 1155 / 1453 / 1521 / 1206 / 1122 / 1626 / 1568 / 1270 / 1149 / 1014 / 1543 / 1385 / 1488 / 1441 / 1159 / 1452 / 1427 / 1010 / 1500 / 1470 / 1506 / 1231

Up Sdgs
TUA 70063 TTA BRT 57214 MEA 391148 / 1531

60093 / 055 / 049 / 044 / 084


A visit to Peak Forest on the 1st of March revealed just two locos 60073 and 60029 along with TTA 57214 and MEA 391513. Parked next to the RMC sidings was a long rake of MEAs as follows; Dove Holes end 391123 Bl / 1217 BkL / 1008 BkT / 1506 R / 1470 R / 1010 Bk / 1427 R / 1231 BkL/ 1452 R / 1159 Bl / 1410 R / 1441 R / 1140 Bl / 1488 R / 1624 R / 1385 R / 1543 R / 1014 Bk / 1339 R / 1149 Bl / 1270 R / 1568 R / 1343 R / 1626 R / 1627 R / 1122 Bl / 1206 BkL / 1473 R / 1521 R / 1453 R / 1155 BL / 1500 R / 1490 R where the Bk = Railfreight Coal Black; BkT = Rfreight Coal with yellow ends and Transrail logo (and sometimes Barry Galleon); BkL = Loadhaul Black with white top capping; Bl = Mainline Blue with yellow top capping and R = EWS Red (Maroon) with gold top capping.

However, the highlight of the day was finally tracking down the new RMC Mortar PCA tanks after trekking across hill and dale to locate them. Four PCAs RC 10049 / 043 / 048 and 045 were present and judging by their appearance have not been used yet or have been cleaned as there was no sign of any powder spillage. See the photos on the new page on these wagons located here.

Later at Buxton, 60069 was seen in charge of 17 loaded BLI JGAs on the Hindlow trip passing over Spring Gardens viaduct just before 1330.

Finally, I have updated the RMC liveries page and this now means that all of the 89 JGAs owned and operated by RMC are listed with their current status. By my reckoning there are still 26 wagons still carrying the old roadstone branding including the 7 wagons built during 1997 and as modelled by Bachmann in the plain RMC livery version. The others are slowly going through works as required.


Over the past few months the wheelsets on the Brunner Mond have been giving cause for concern and this has resulted in wagons being taken out of traffic so that new wheelsets can be fitted by W H Davis. However, the problem has become more acute and at one point five JEAs were out of traffic. The situation worsened during the week commencing 10th Feb and it is believed upto ten wagons were out of action. Hence, with the reduced train formation and lower train capacity the services were doubled up to keep up with the demand for limestone and the morning train served Winnington and the afternoon to Lostock only. As Davis were unable to supply any new wheelsets it is believed the decision was made to get the tyres turned instead. Therefore at least 10 wagons were collected from Northwich by the 6F67 Enterprise service on the 13th Feb and the wagons taken to Crewe Electric Depot where they received attention. Once this was complete they returned to Warrington Arpley on the 19th or 20th Feb. Seven wagons were noted by Andrew in a message to the UKWagons_Page on the 22nd Feb at midday. The seven wagons that could be seen were 19702 / 713 / 719 / 725 / 726 / 727 / 729 and three more were parked behind them. This delay in returning the wagons back into traffic will not please Brunner Mond at all. Todays service (Sunday afternoon) went out early and had seventeen wagons on noted passing Chapel-en-le-Frith before 1400.

To further add to the woe of the Northwich services, 60043 hit a bike which had been placed on the line near Northenden Junction on the afternoon of 19th Feb which damaged the air-pipe leading to the brakes coming on and the train stopping mid-way across the junction blocking all lines. Passenger services to/from Manchester and Chester were severely disrupted and only once an EWS fitter had arrived to repair the pipe could the train proceed onwards. This was noted passing Altrincham at @ 1930 by my colleague Brian Arnold.

Correction to the previous notes on the CSAs in store. Wagon 876057 is currently at P & D Stirling's yard at Mossend and the other seven were noted in store at Craiginches sidings. This may have changed and they were due to re-enter service during February.


A new development is the introduction of former Rugby Cement tanks which have been overhauled by Wabtec at Doncaster for RMC for a new traffic flow from Dove Holes to Bletchley. 15 tanks are being refurbished and the first two entered service during mid-January and were first noted in the consist of the 6B10 to Bletchley on the morning of Thursday 16th Jan passing through Stockport. Known wagons are (RC)10025 - 28 / 33 / 34 / 38 / 40 - 43 / 45 / 47 - 49. They carry the RMC orange livery all over. Until I see them close-up and photograph them I am not sure of the exact lettering on the sides.

The wagons are being used on a new to rail flow of powdered lime mortar which is produced at Dove Holes quarry and new unloading facilities were installed at Bletchley with the aid of a Freight Facilities Grant of £518,000. About 10,000 tonnes a year will be carried as part of the existing Bletchley aggregates train.

Expect to see the EWS CSAs return to this area shortly. A colleague reports that all eight wagons are currently stored at Aberdeen whilst awaiting re-entry into traffic for PD Stirling. The wagons will be used to replace the JIA Polybulks some of which are in need of major overhauls and three of the four remaining blue JAAs all of which are stored in the Mossend area. The CSAs will be used on both the powdered Lime flow from Dowlow to Mossend and the sand traffic from Mossend to Kirk Sandall glassworks near Doncaster.

No further news on the new BLI cement traffic or the new tank wagons as yet.

Passing Earles Sidings, Hope on the 18th Jan, I noted at least 20 Blue Circle Vee tanks in the headshunt awaiting movement and so I would expect to see these in the consist of the Weaste trains at some point.

A rare sunny interval at PF on Sunday 19th turned up the usual wagon and loco assortment as listed below

Locos : 60086/073/093/061/045
MEAs 391159/1452, 1627, 1343/1568/1270/11?? v dirty/1339/1014/1543/1155/1231/1531/1470
JGAs 17236/19243/13700/13701/17228, 17221/19234/17223/17240/17217/17224/17245*/17247*/17222/17201/17202. NB * indicates both newly overhauled.
TTAs PR58258 + BRT57195
TUA PR70106
HAA 355754, CEA 360726, HMA 357072 + HDA 368312 all still present green carded.
Long term inmates Ploughs #208 and 240 and ZFV 993412.


A recent visit to the Peak District turned up the following wagons notably a solitary TTA stabled on the old Buxton Diesel depot No. PR 58258 - no red or green defect cds visible - fuel tanks are dropped off at Peak Forest nowadays since the depot closed. Anyone any ideas ?

Down at a rather foggy PF, 60023 arrived with RMC empties viz 17231 / 13710 / 17238 / 17215 / 13703 / 17224 / 17236 / 17207 / 19236 / 13706 / 19231 / 17240 / 17245 / 17246 / 17229 / 17241 / 13701 / 19240 / 19229 / 19238 / 19226 / 17234 / 19246 / 19225 / 17225 / 17228 / 17213.

Also present were these JGAs - 17226 / 19221 / 17237 / 17221 / 19220 / 19232 / 19224 / 19237 /19241 / 17202.
Behind these was a longish rake of MEAs awaiting departure to Dowlow behind 66088

On the sidings were - MEAs 391206 / 1343 on fuel rd with loco 60025; TUA PR 70065; HAA 355754 - with newly painted RF red cradle and new TOPS stenciling; CEA 360726; HMA 357072 and HDA 368312. These CEAs keep turning up at PF every so often and since this wagon was marshalled between the MGR hoppers this could indicate that the wagon has been in coal traffic. Nothing else passed or arrived whilst there.

No further updates on the new BLI cement or LaFarge Northenden stone flows. However, down at Earles Sidings and BCC Hope, a lot of the BCC owned Centre-depressed type PCAs have been taken out of store and sent to Wabtec at Doncaster for refurbishment. Additional wagons have been delivered to Earles Sdgs which I believe were originally stored at BCC Aberthaw and Westbury works. PCAs are also known to be in store at BCC Eastgate as well. BCC needs more wagons to enable it to expand its rail operations now that all their traffic is handled by Freightliner.


Following on from the previous report on the Northenden stone terminal it is believed that the traffic will commence sometime during May or June 2003. Work is still ongoing at the site and a trench has been dug at the side of the road access which presumably is for new electric cables etc. Looking at the site from a passing train, one wonders why the land beyond the existing bufferstops could not be acquired which would give more wagon capacity.

I have added a new page to the site which deals with the GMWA Binliner PFA flat wagons and this incorporates some recent photos of the refuse containers. Unfortunately, the Northenden train rarely stops at Stockport if it does then only for a brief signal stop so such opportunities cannot be wasted !


New stone handling facilities have been erected at Northenden and the old cement silos pulled down. This is in readiness for the new stone traffic which will be running to the terminal soon. The service is also listed in the current working timetable as follows;

6H61 Dowlow d. 1354, Peak Forest 1502-1525, Hazel Grove High Level 1555, Northenden a. 1610 (est)

6H62 Northenden d. 1926, Skelton Jnc rr, Hazel Grove High Level 2040, Peak Forest 2115 ?

6H63 Dowlow d. 1802, Peak Forest 1918-1930, Hazel Grove High Level 1953, Northenden a. 2008 (est)

6H64 Northenden d. 2340, Skelton Jnc rr, Hazel Grove High Level 0040, Peak Forest 0105 ?

It is possible that only one of the out and back services will be used initially and one hopes that this will be the 6H61 and 6H62 workings as it would mean that it would be visible on the outward loaded run. Traction will probably be a class 66 and around 20-25 MEAs as the siding space is limited due to the compact site. Not sure exactly when this service starts though but I will keep a check on it.

I have added some more pictures into the MEA and Misc Wagon sections from some recent obs at Peak Forest.


Some more images added including 60096 at Hale with loaded Brunner Mond JEAs taken from the station footbridge and 101685 'Daisy' at Hazel Grove the same afternoon. Not much else to report.


A quick update on a few news items. The work down at Tunstead for the new cement plant has caused a few problems apparantly. As I have already reported, the footbridge at Great Rocks has been extended slightly and some of the hillside removed. However, it is believed that this may have affected the stability of the surrounding rock to such an extent that the tunnel may have to be opened out ! Having been up to Great Rocks dale today, there has been no additional work done afaik and no cordoned off hillsides. The line from Great Rocks Junc to Tunstead Sdgs which runs parallel to the GRJ - BX single line has been closed and all traffic to/from Tunstead has to use the reception sidings lines. Speaking to some track workers who were walking down the track revealed that the cabling and troughs between GRJ and BX is being renewed but I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the closure of the other line.

Peak Forest was rather dead. 60017 was noted powering what looked like a Ratcliffe PS train at 11.58 but may be an additional working - consist was 8 Tiphook KPAs and 18 BLI JGAs. 60038 looking nice and shiny in EWS colours brought out a rake of loaded RMC JGAs and this is thought to be a Washwood Heath service departing at 1215. 60071 was stabled with empty MEAs though later took these to Dowlow at 14.50. 60061 was the only other loco present and this later went to Tunstead to collect the JEAs for Northwich and I spotted this passing Buxworth at 15.50. Only one wagon was present in the main yard and that was TTA 58257 along with the usual inmates Plough #240 and the Dogfish ZFV hopper now residing here since 1997 !


Not much to report at the moment. Seven of the eight CSAs are now reported to be at Jakes at Ellesmere Port in storage. The other being noted at Warrington Arply by myself on the 17th July. Some more of the 100xx series powder tanks have cropped up, this time at Hindlow. Derek Needham noted the following wagons at Hindlow on Sunday 14th July; Redland PGAs 14521 / 514 / 500 / 517 / 522 / 509 / 511 / 510 / 518 / 501 / 512 / 508 / 502 / 515 / 506 / 504 / 505 / 516 / 507 / 513 / 520 / 519 / 503 ; PCAs 10007 / 70 and TSL Polybulks 9382 016 / 001 / 054. Again I am unsure why the PCAs are present at Hindlow - perhaps they are to be trialled on a new flow for LaFarge ?


Not much to report but some proposed developments include the resurrection of the old Blue Circle Cement terminal at Northenden be used for aggregates traffic by LaFarge - this being possible now that LaFarge own BCC. Traffic would have to be conveyed in MEAs as there are no hopper discharge facilities. Keeping with BCC traffic, the Weaste service has now been reduced to three trains per week following the reported loss of the export market for bulk cement. The Quicklime traffic from BLI Dowlow to the AES power station at Fifoots Point, near Newport has ceased. The power station was placed into administration during early March and the last train of CSA tanks worked shortly after. The eight CSAs are currently at Warrington Arpley yard. However, a new flow of stone will be starting shortly from the LaFarge quarry at Dowlow to a new railhead in East Anglia. A rake of 22 Redland PGA No.s REDA 14500-521, were noted at Peak Forest on the 2nd June stabled for resumption of the traffic after the Golden Jubilee bank holidays. The final PGA No. 14522 of this batch of wagons was noted by a colleague at Dowlow (Thanks to Phil Eames). An unusual visitor to PF is former Cerestar PCA PR 10007. Not sure why this is here - no Quicklime traffic anymore and cement isn't coming out of Tunstead yet.

The arrival lines leading down from Great Rocks reception sidings have been reduced to just one line and new track laid down through the cutting to the loaders. New earthworks alongside the formation of the lifted track suggests that this may be the site of the new cement loading facility. The footbridge carrying the path over the line here has also been extended slightly so as to accomodate the new lines.


I have added some pix taken with my digital camera of the two ICI hopper wagons which are preserved by the Class 20 Loco Society and based at Swanwick Jn., on the Midland Rly Centre. I have also updated some of the other wagons pages as well


A quick update to the freight obs page - I have added some more digipix taken recently including some of the Sunday engineering work taking place at Man Piccadilly station to be found here


I have added some more pictures of wagons recently observed at Peak Forest to the relevant pages mainly the RMCs, CSAs and MEAs. Also I have added some shots I have taken of freight trains around Peak Forest as well found here.


If you are not already aware, my new book on the ICI Hopper wagons is finally ready ! After a long three year slog, the book has finally been completed with a few last minute changes. Problem was deciding what should go in the book and what had to be dropped :( However, there is plenty of good material left over so watch this space.

Buxton Lime Industries have been given a wad of money from that nice person in the Government. A £11.74m Freight Facilities Grant was awarded to BLI for the cost of building 23 new bogie cement tanks, new rail facilities at Tunstead and creating new distribution depots in London, Leeds, Walsall and Glasgow. The plant will produce some 2,300 tonnes per day. This is part of a new scheme to move 300,000 tonnes of cement by rail to the new depots. Cement has always been produced at Tunstead but not in this quantity. The tanks will be built by Arbel-Fauvet of Douai, France to a totally new design. Consideration had been given to using overhauled PCA type wagons but these suffer from incomplete discharge of the load. Delivery of the wagons will be late 2002/start 2003 and will be of continental looking design.

No other developments at the moment. I am still refining the data on the Metalair PCA tanks to make a definitive listing of who built which wagons, though the picture is a little clearer thanks to some recent observations at Peak Forest.


I have added some sections on the conversions of the Tiphook KPA bogie hoppers into the new Railtrack and GTRM JJA Autoballaster wagons. It lists the known status of almost all of the 150 wagons built. Also, I have tagged some additional info into the PCA Metalair cement wagons page concerning the builders details. Contrary, to what is written in the wagon books these wagons were built by two different builders at the same time !


Sucess !! The site is back up and running (I think). All of the images should now be viewable - if not let me know !!


Due to serious problems with the new ntlworld website, I have decided to move the site to Tripod. Although this means the site will have ads on it I hope this will not be too much of a distraction. The new site address is going to be : although I will try to change it to a more suitable name if possible. I am beginning the process of uploading all of the site content over Xmas.


My site is currently on the move from the old C&W address to the new ntlworld address. Please bear with me as I re-establish the site at its new home. I will update the site fully when time permits and the broadband service fully up and running :))


A recent piece of gen concerning the sidings at Oakleigh is that they are being removed as are now surplus. The remaining stored CAIB PGAs have been moved to Immingham for further storage. A visit to Northwich on the 26th September revealed that almost all of the removal work had been completed here. On-site were various diggers and JCBs being used to remove the stacks of old wooden sleepers, the rails and spread new stone. All of the old ballast has been stripped back to bare earth. Only two lines in the middle of the area now remain. A good vantage point is obtained from the footbridge spanning the yard. These two lines form a long run-round loop from Hartford North Jnc to the Winnington Road overbridge with the boundary with Brunner Mond land. Some track has been re-laid especially where points once existed. Indeed a small section below the road bridge was being finished off when I was there. This would need to have been completed for later that afternoon Winnington was due to receive a trainload of limestone. The plan was for the contractors to work on the yard during the morning. This meant the morning services were cancelled or diverted to Lostock. The Tuesday and Thursday morning-only trains were rescheduled for the afternoon instead. Six weeks from the 17th Sept was booked for the work and unless any more work is to be done then the remaining 3 weeks will not be required.

Lostock also said goodbye to its PGAs. A long rake of about 30 wagons was removed during September and the remaining 8 wagons were deemed to be in a poor condition and so would need to be removed by road. An ex-Yeoman wagon was noted aboard a low-loader on the same day in the confines of the works setting off for its destination - Marcroft at Stoke would be a good bet as other PGA bodies have been noted here recently.

JEAs are still running as 25 wagons for the time being. On onset of Autumn may see this reduced as we enter the leaf-fall season. 60095 did the honours on the 26th with the train for Winnington noted passing through Northwich station. I will put some of the pictures from this day on the site shortly.


Not much happening at the moment.... I can report that the JEAs have been observed running in rakes of 25 during the past few weeks. The new book on the history of the I.C.I. hopper wagons is nearing completion. It is to be published by Cheona Publications - see front page for more info or contact me


More photos added to the BLI JGA section - nicely timed with the new 4mm models recently released by Bachmann - very nice they look indeedy !! Managed to get some close-up shots of the JGAs whilst they were parked on the Up line at Great Rocks as train engine 60084 ran round the rake of 17 empties from BLI Hindlow - this was on a Sunday afternoon and is a booked turn so worthwhile for getting nice close-up shots. Wagons were 19212 / 200 / 215 / 201 / 206 / 211 / 210 / 218 / 219 / 205 / 207 / 203 / 217 / 202 / 209 / 208 / 216 which meant that wagons 203 / 213 + 214 were in Tunstead sidings. A long rake of 23 loaded Seacow and Sealion ballast hoppers were also present at Peak Forest - got all bar 8 wagons but a good mixture of hoppers were seen. These obs were on Sunday 10th June and the Brunner Mond JEA hoppers were also seen making a slow creaking departure from Tunstead at 1448 with 60041 at the head - they were 19701 / 706 / 720 / 716 / 721 / 714 / 711 / 727 / 703 / 719 / 718 / 731 / 717 / 728 / 722 / 730 / 723 / 729 / 724 / 705 / 702 / 704 = 22 and so 5 wagons 712 / 713 / 715 / 725 + 726 were therefore not used. Interesting to note that the train load has been reduced from 24 to 22 wagons - it remains to be seen if this is permanent.


Not a great deal to report on the freight side of things. The current timetable for freight passing Hazel Grove is virtually the same as before the changeover. One notable addition is the commencement of a flow of coal to Earles Sidings, Hope for Blue Circle. This is thought to originate at Liverpool Gladstone Docks. I have only seen one of these workings on a Tuesday morning passing at 0930 thru Hazel Grove with 66220 and 35 empty HEAs in tow. This probably runs about 2-3 times per week returning the next morning.

Work continues at Stockport on the resignalling and new trackwork. Most of the main running lines leading into Stockport station have been renewed and a new point has been laid at the south end in the 'tunnels' section to join up with the new platform line. A new point will have to be installed at the north-end to connect up. Until the platform is completed, this new line may well be used as a loop for the time being.

Rail renewal work and ballasting has also been carried out in the Hazel Grove area as well. New ballast shoulders have been dropped recently on the Down and Up Cheadle Heath single line. Wiring for the TPWS fringe section at Hazel Grove has seen the installation of the track grids in HG station and a new switch room hut has been moved into position at the Buxton end of the car park and will be securely fenced off.


Concerns have been raised regarding the noise levels of the new BM JEA wagons. I have myself noticed an increase in train noise when passing me. Now that the wagons have worn in something may have to be done to allay them fears of the residents living along the line. This may be linked to the fact that the brake blocks fitted to the bogies have also been waering down much quicker than thought - shades of the old PHVs which suffered the same problem when the Sulzer Type 2s were introduced to the traffic from mid-1964 ?? No further update on this at the moment.

Work is continuing apace on the South Manchester remodelling scheme at Stockport which new OHLE gantries and signal posts being erected notably around Edgeley Junction and on the Hazel Grove branch. The signal box at Hazel Grove will become a fringe box to the new signalling centre now being completed at Edgeley.


A little quiet on the wagon front at the moment. Recent obs include 60076 with 24 empty JEAs for Tunstead on the 12th April at 0953 passing Hazel Grove Midland; Easter Friday the 13th saw the same loco with the afternoon loaded hoppers come hammering down from Disley tunnel en-route to Northwich - this driver wasn't hanging round !! A warm Saturday afternoon on the 21st saw me out to hopefully witness some of the diversions and infrastructure workings due to the engineering works in and around Stockport. As I was about to leave at 1730, 60076 made an appearance on the late running Bletchley - Peak Forest RMC hoppers. Right I thought, I stay another 15 minutes then go (I was starving.....) lo and behold at 1744 60035 made a noisy entrance with a rake of 24 MCA spoil wagons (ex-MBAs now cut-down in height) heading for Chinley. That is when I gave up. I didn't see the diverted Roxby Gullet - Northenden Binliner service though I am reliabily informed that this passed Chinley about 1230 - having run through the Hope Valley. As for the Northwich hoppers no sign of them - again confirmed as a no show - it would seem that the Wednesday and Saturday afternoon workings are often cancelled. The engineering trains will run when they want to so watch out.


Not much to report on the ICI hoppers except that looking thru my photos of the wagons, noted that 19154 was fitted with a complete set of ICI cast letters - well it was when I was last able to see it last July ! Have been able to see the return 6F67 Dowlow - Warrington Arpley Enterprise service at Peak Forest on two ocassions recently. The 8 EWS CSA tanks 876057 - 876064are operating in two rakes of 4 wagons which were 876064 / 063 / 060 / 061 on the 27/02 along with 8 Polybulks 33 70 9 382 003-4 / 010-4 / 016-1 / 045-0 / 026-0 / 034-4 / 043-5 / 009-6 + MEA 391148 + TTA 67274 all hauled by
37886. Of the Polybulks listed 009, 034, 043 and 045 have Traffic Services markings applied and most have either small or large CAIB logos as well. 60035 'Transrail' + 24 empty RMC JGAs ex Bletchley inc.. 17219 newly outshopped in RMC colours from Wabtec, Doncaster was noted as was 60075 shunting loaded RMCs into the loading sidings. On main sidings were 66215, 60031 still in Trainload Metals

Another visit to Peak Forest on Saturday 24/03/01 produced the sound of a class 37 working hard appearing out of the mist.
37799 'TR' hauling dead 60064 'FL' and 37702 'TR' on the rescheduled 6F67 Dowlow - PF - Warrington Arpley. Behind the dead locos were 4 CSAs 876062 / 058 / 057 and 059 then 4 Polybulks 000-5 / 026-0 / 010-4 / 034-4 then JAA 13522 then 047-6, JAA 13518 and 049-2 / 030-2. Also spied were 60017 "Shotton Works Centenary" on RMC sidings and 60019 on fuelling road. Couldn't get to loco sidings as footpath along top is closed due to F&M restrictions but a good selection of 60s and 66s could be seen thru the mist.

The Polybulks in use at the moment on the Dowlow - Mossend PD Stirling flow are numbered as follows; 000-5 / 003-4 / 009-6 / 010-4 / 016-1 / 026-0 / 030-2 / 034-4 / 043-5 / 045-0 / 047-6 and 049-2 = 12. Also the 4 JAAs are in this pool as well.

A visit to Stockport on the 28th to see the Earles Sdgs - Weaste cement produced 66523 hauling 36 PCAs numbered; 11074 / 035 / 10839 / 846 / 11119 / 064 / 083 / 141 / 042 / 027 / 038 / 087 / 128 / 048 / 118 / 082 / 10698 / 11057 / ..029 / 058 / 099 / 115 / 011 / 010 / 129 / 137 / 127 / 105 / 051 / 10699 / 11033 / 080 / 012 / 10843 / 840 and 11032. Note the inclusion of the BCC owned French build of PCAs 10839 / 846 / 843 and 840 - these have started to appear on these Weaste services during the past few weeks. I think they are usually used from Dunbar and also on the Fly-Ash from Longannet to Westbury with other PCAs. Out of the 36 listed only 11038 had the Blue Circle logo and name applied. All of the wagons except the French 4 are of the Metalair design.


Further to the notes below, it has been confirmed that all of the ICI hoppers located at the Winnington and Lostock works of Brunner Mond have ALL gone for scrap with the exception of 19154 as below. The 32 at Winnington were dispatched during February and the 8 from Lostock at the end of February/ start March. This means that 6 wagons now exist in preservation. However, I am able to confirm that the 6 wagons at BLI Tunstead Lower yard are still Intact - this is correct as of 1st March. I'm not sure what will happen to these six wagons but we will wait and see.


It has been confirmed that the remaining wagons at Lostock and Winnington are to be dispatched for scrap during the next few weeks. They are being taken by road to EMR at Salford for scrapping as per last time. Route from Northwich via the M6, M62 and the M602. I could spy 3 intact wagons on a visit on Monday 26th and remains of at least 4 more. Very sad scenes indeed (sob :( ....). However out of the 41 one has been saved by the NRM and this is confirmed as No. 19154 for their collection. An odd choice in my opinion - I would have gone for a lower numbered example like 19002 which was one of the first three built - but 19154 was a former John Summers iron ore hopper as well (BSSH 13081) so maybe that is why they chose this one. It also seems that the 6 wagons that resided at BLI Tunstead were also disposed pf during last year although this is to be confirmed soon by colleagues.


I have compiled the PGA wagon numbers and have worked out that a total of 114 wagons were used over the three years that they were on hire to Brunner Mond. 22 of the 114 have been 'lost' along the way probably due to damage and it is likely they have been scrapped or sent to Marcrofts for repair-there was a line of PGA bodies at their Stoke works recently which may account for some of these. They were useful wagons and did the job when no other suitable wagons were available.


A recent visit to Lostock works confirmed that the eight Internal User PHVs are stored at the back of the works along with one of the works shunters - a green 0-4-0 shunter possibily named "Rutherford" could be seen next to the wagons. 4 JEAs were parked up in the new sidings laid alongside the main unloading road. This part of the works can be viewed from a new country park which has been developed using reclaimed land and offers a good view of the new facilities at Lostock. The PHVs can be seen in the distance on the old trackwork. The wagons are 19023 / 056 / 108 / 116 / 117 / 127 / 139 and 150 and the JEAs were 19726 / 716 / 706 and 702. At the front of the works some of the now redundant PGAs can be seen and the following could be identified, 14304 / 448 / 272 / 302 / 443 / 447 / 388 / 462 / 438 / 328 / 338 / 343 / 331 / 325 / 279 / 287 / 292 / 300 / 283 / 288 / 277 / 315 / 298 / 313 / 296 / 311 / 284; 14454 / 342 / 340 / 386; with at least another 14 wagons unidentified making a total of 44 PGAs at Lostock. Some of the 21t Internal User hoppers could also be seen - these are just numbered No. 1, No. 2 etc - these were built for ICI by Chas Roberts from new. International 40 ft Flat wagon is still in Northwich yard and its correct identity is 21 87 414 5 258-3


Reports suggest that the JEAs have been running as 24 rakes to Northwich and it is believed that a class 60 had difficulties in negotiating the Hartford curve between East and North junctions recently so 25 wagons may prove too much. It is thought that some of the stored PGAs have been moved to the Nottingham area for re-use/storage - Toton perhaps ??


Not much to report at the moment - the JEAs having settled into some form of operating pattern. After my last visit to Oakleigh sdgs and Winnington some more surplus PGAs emerged from the depths of the works. These were marshalled after 14294 and the five extra wagons were 14293 / 303 / 280 / 439 / 382. One other wagon 14314 - yellow carded, was noted in Winnington works sidings in addition to those seen last time here. The two rakes of 5 loaded JGVs had been moved and it looked like they were being loaded with the mech shovel with stone from the vast stocks now unloaded at Winnington. Lostock has acquired some more spare PGAs - I estimate about an extra 15 more to the 32 already counted. One spare JEA-I could be seen at the back of the works. I could only see 2 of the 8 JGVs reported as being at Lostock works - I will try to recco the area soon to confirm the other six are still on site. A 40ft International flat wagon 414 5 258-3 is currently stored in Northwich yard and has been there for a while now.


A visit to Altrincham yesterday, the 13th January provided a sighting of the afternoon hoppers hauled by 60064 at 16.13 with the following loaded wagons in tow ; 19704, 705, 725, 715, 714, 711, 719, 713, 712, 726, 717, 731, 730, 728, 729, 720, 727, 722, 721, 723, 702, 701 + 706. Wagon 19706 was looking rather clean suggesting only just been put into use. Spare wagons therefore are 19703, 716, 718 + 724 and are believed to be in Winnington works.  This working was either the 6F04 or 05 or 06 Tunstead - Northwich - the final destination can only be determined if seen at Northwich. I saw the same set of 23 wagons returning to Tunstead earlier the same morning. This is, I believe the highest record number of wagons so far.


A visit to Northwich today produced some obs on the now displaced PGA wagons. Spied in the sidings at the Lostock works of Brunner Mond I counted 32 PGAs adjacent to the main running lines, 1 spare JEA Inner wagon and some old 21t design internal users in white with black ICI letters. Towards the back of the works could be seen at least 3 out of the 8 remaining PHV/JGV hoppers based here. At Oakleigh Sidings were two rakes of now surplus PGAs - a rake of 29 and 32 numbered as follows;  

Rake of 29 - 14294 / 335 / 291 / 334 / 318 / 465 / 301 / 455 / 345 / 383 / 323 / 309 / 275 / 312 / 289 / 456 / 295 / 339 / 308 / 278 / 324 / 299 / 449 / 434 / 445 / 279 / 322 / 341 / 265 and PCA 10623.  

Rake of 32 - 14385 / 267 / 336 / 453 / 450 / 452 / 460 / 268 / 271 / 461 / 446 / 307 / 387 / 384 / 306 / 269 / 436 / 333 / 297 / 459 / 326 / 457 / 310 / 270 / 442 / 458 / 290 / 382 / 305 / 440 / 281 / 319.  

In Winnington works sidings were PGA yellow-card cripples 14344 + 14276 with PHVs 19156 + 19104 between. Other PHVs that could be identified were 19077 / 087 / 019 / 051 / 092 with another two rakes of 5 - all these loaded with limestone. 6 other wagons could be seen further down loaded with coke Total 23 out of 33 PHV wagons based at Winnington - other 10 out of view round corner as were 6 spare JEAs   40 of the PGAs from the above were due to move back down south - purpose unknown. 63 PGAs in Oakleigh/Winnington Sdgs 32 PGAs at Lostock gives a total of 95 out of pool total of 115.  


The new JEAs are now in service on Lostock traffic which started recently. The wagons seem to be operating on a regular basis during the week on a 1202 departure from Tunstead - the departure time having been moved back an hour to give the shunting staff at the Northwich end more time to unload the train before the PGAs arrive in the late afternoon. 60063 took 20 loaded JEAs to Northwich on the 18th December and had just started to unload the train at Winnington when a belt snapped and prevented any further unloading from taking place - they had just started on the third wagon - the loco returned light to Peak Forest. Some unusual double-heading of locos resulting from the general shortage of class 60s was the operation of two class 66s....yes 2 hauling 36 loaded PGAs on the first working of the day and either the same day or later another pair of Sheds was to be seen on 20 JEAs to Northwich. It is thought that as no-one really knows the true capacity of a Shed they decided to double-head just in case of any problems !! The PGAs will cease operation on these services at the end of the month after which they will be returned to CAIB for storage or re-use. It is known that Lostock and Winnington works both have healthy stocks of limestone at present and the use of 24 or 25 loaded JEAs may not be required initially....we'll have to wait and see.


At long last I have seen the new wagons actually moving - today at Hazel Grove Midland 60038 in Loadhaul colours brought down 17 loaded JEAs en-route to Oakleigh Sidings - see here for pictures. Also 66601 recently named "The Hope Valley" passed with the 6J91 Earles Sdgs - Weaste BCC terminal. 60083 was also noted running light engine towards Peak Forest having presumably dropped off the empty binliner train at Northenden.

Earlier in the morning, 60038 was seen on the return empty PGAs from Northwich to Great Rocks and not long after 60042 passed with the empty BLI and Tiphook hoppers from Bredbury to Tunstead. As a bonus 66080 passed light engine down the Hazel Grove chord towards Stockport.


Good news - the JEAs are on the move !! As of the 28/11 the new wagons have been operating in a special timeslot of 1300 from Tunstead to Oakleigh Sdgs for Winnington works.

On the 28th, 66025 went to Winnington to haul the 13 loaded wagons through the new unloader shed and enable the grounstaff to be trained - reps from W H Davis were involved and obviously Brunner Mond - the wagons passed Altrincham empty at 1740 en-route to Tunstead. The following day the 29th, Thursday saw 60062 + 17 loaded JEAs on the 1300 from Tunstead; Friday 1st a 66 poss 66123 on 13 in the same timeslot and it was booked to run on the Sat 2nd - however in the event the JEAs worked out early morning passing Hazel Grove at @ 0745 and were left at Winnington and empty PGAs returned back - the 1300 run consisted of 60036 + 36 L PGAs - photo and videoed this train as was expecting new wagons !! Sunday believed to be PGAs and today Monday 4th PGAs on early morning run and JEAs on 1300 slot although ran early - 1245 at Disley Tunnel returning @ 1630.  

So there you have it - this 1300 slot seems to be a regular run to Winnington as this is the only terminal that is complete - Lostock works continues to receive PGAs as does Winnington as needed - Surplus PGAs are being collected at Oakleigh sdgs possibily for despatch for storage / scrapping - there was a report though of a trial stone flow from sidings near Shap using PGAs - type unknown but it may be the hired CAIB wagons.

The formations of the train were originally set at 25 wagons per train but this may be amended to 24 wagons due to limiting capacity in the new facilities.


The new JEA wagons for Brunner Mond made their first loaded run to the Lostock and Winnington works at Northwich today (Wed 15th November).   66219 had the honour of hauling the following 13 wagons; 19704 / 702 / 717 / 716 / 713 / 712 / 711 / 714 / 715 / 725 / 731 / 705 / 701 a grand total of 1254 tonnes trailing load - the train was the 1300 off BLI Tunstead quarry arriving in Northwich around 1435. The wagons were tripped to Tunstead on Monday evening with 25 PGAs and 60051 at the head.  The new wagons were supposed to start in full service but is now thought to be starting around the 27th of this month. The remaining 14 wagons are thought to be at Tunstead sidings. The wagons were tested along the new unloading facilities at both works. The 66 then left the wagons at Winnington works and was observed passing Hazel Grove light engine just before 1730. 60081 in GWR Green passed HG at 1800 dead on with 36 loaded PGAs in tow. We therefore have another couple of weeks service with the 'old' PGA hoppers. It is interesting to note that a set of 13 new wagons was used - this may be how they form the services in case the train needs to be split. More info as I get it.


All of the new wagons for Brunner Mond appear to have been delivered. The nine detailed as below are still at Winnington sidings. Reports of the new wagons have appeared in both RAIL and Rail Express both with pictures - the one in RAIL at Langwith Junc. and the one in Rail Express actually in Winnington sidings of 19701 - not sure how the photographer managed that one as definitely trespassing and Brunner Mond would not allow visitors take their own photos on-site - they would take photos for the visitor and send them on. . The BM wagons are currently located at Winnington (9) and Tunstead (18) - though I am going to get this confirmed. The new services/hoppers are due to commence on the 16th November - I would imagine they would be used alongside the PGAs for a while before full service commences. I am also aware that few services ran during the week 30/10 to 03/11 at the request of Brunner Mond - this may be associated with the new unloading facilities.

I also have details of the timetable for the new wagons as follows :-

Mondays to Fridays -mornings = 5

OUT : Tunstead 0407 - Northwich 0545

RTN : Winnington 0929 - Tunstead 1059 or

RTN : Lostock 0936 - Tunstead 10.59 or

RTN : Winnington then Lostock 1047 - Tunstead 1219 (Split train)

Saturdays - mornings = 1

OUT : Tunstead 0348 - Northwich 0510

RTN : Winnington 0929 - Tunstead 1059 or

RTN : Lostock 0936 - Tunstead 10.59 or

RTN : Winnington then Lostock 1047 - Tunstead 1219 (Split train)

Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat - afternoons = 4

OUT : Tunstead 1544 - Northwich 1702

RTN : Northwich 2138 - Tunstead 2258

Sunday - afternoons = 1

OUT : Tunstead 1414 - Northwich 1531

RTN : Northwich 1932 - Tunstead 2052

Therefore only 11 diagrams per week - note that the time allowed for unloading at the Northwich end is very generous and therefore it is likely that the return empties will run much earlier than the times given. Note the lack of a Sunday morning trip but I suspect this will change with demand. Current plans are thought to test the wagons and run them with the PGAs until the unloading facilities are complete. Maybe the 18 that are thought to be at Tunstead will be sent out on a loaded test.

Also added a shot of the solitary PCA in Oakleigh Sidings STS 10623 which is still there !! See Misc Wagons 2 for more on this design of tank wagon. Have added some additional notes concerning the Peakstone PGAs and the PBA/JAA covered hoppers courtesy of GBrail webpages


I can confirm that the first nine wagons for Brunner Mond are at Winnington works. They are in wagon order 19702 / 717 / 716 / 713 / 712 / 711 / 714 / 715 / 704. They are light grey all over with black bogies and clamshell doors and have the Brunner Mond company logo in red/crimson at the L/H end. I visited Northwich on the 9th September and although they are parked down towards the main works buildings they can be seen from a public road accessed from Oakleigh Rise and Clary Meadows roads - Oakleigh Rise road turns off the main A-road out of Northwich to Chester near the large public house. You can just about see the wagons from the bridge over the sidings again near the pub. Please do not attempt to get close to the wagons as you will be trespassing and they are doing a lot of development on site. Also present were the rakes of PHV hopper wagons still loaded with limestone for emergency usage and a few loaded with coke. Plenty of CAIB PGAs also present as well. Both Winnington and Lostock works are having new discharge terminals built for the new wagons and what I think was a GrantRail yellow ex-BR shunter and former PGA hopper could be seen parked up having been involved in trackwork and ballasting duties. More of the new wagons are due this week and the final nine the week after - so watch out !! See here for my photos of the new Brunner Mond wagons.


Good news - the first 9 of the new hopper wagons have been delivered to Northwich from W H Davis. A class 66 poss 66107 was noted looped at Earles Sidings, Hope yesterday 05/09 at 1430 awaiting the passage of a Down Transpennine 158 - noted passing Disley Tunnel about 1450. TOPS code reported as JEA and wagons in the number range 197xx. Mixture of Outer and Inner wagons; 1 Outer + 7 Inner + 1 Outer = 9. Livery light greyish with Brunner Mond logo and lettering in Red - company house colours. More info as I get and piccies !!


I have updated the wagon pages in placed and added a new Miscellaneous Wagons Page 2 which includes the EWS CSA powder tanks and the GMC Binliner flats. News of the new wagons for Brunner Mond has been printed in the September issue of Rail Express. They should be in service very very soon so watch out for them.


Will update the pages soon :) The Freightliner cement services to the new terminal at Weaste is now up and running.66503 and 504 are allocated to these services at the moment. Current timetable is planned for two out and back workings per day. The afternoon 6J89 runs via the Hazel Grove chord and Manchester Oxford Road to gain the line to Eccles. I will post a picture of it descending the chord at the Grove asap. See the Freight Timetable for other revisions relating to the cement traffic.The Saturday diversions continue as previously although it has come to light that the return Roxby Gullet to Northenden empty Binliner train is actually routed over Diggle then Philips Park to Ashburys line then to Romiley and Peak Forest. Here the train runs round and departs for Northenden via Hazel Grove. The afternoon 6F72 Tunstead - Northwich hoppers tends to run early due to this. A few of the new wagons for Brunner Mond are due anytime. I have some advance information on these but I cannot divulge this at the moment.


Have added more photos on the Tarmac PGAs located near to Topley Pike, Buxton. These wagons have been stored out of use since 1991-92 when the flow of stone ceased to operate.


No sign of the much hyped changeover to Freightliner - business as usual with EWS. 47733 hauled the Cheshire Railtours "Mid-Cheshire Fensman" tour from Chester, Altrincham to Peterborough via Hazel Grove Midland and the Hope Valley on a wet Saturday 3rd June.It was loaded to 12 Mk1s - mainly Blue/Grey and Plum and Lined Cream liveries. Later that afternoon, 60040 + 36 loaded PGAs 6F72 Tunstead - Lostock & Oakleigh sdgs then at 1602 60xxx + empty RMC JHAs - diverted 6H55 Bletchley - Peak Forest - would have come via Crewe, Middlewich, Northwich and Northenden and at 1629 60xxx 'Transrail' + 17 empty Binliner flats - diverted 6M05 Roxby Gullet - Northenden - via Doncaster, Hope Valley - as per outward journey. I also have a picture of another railtour which came thru Hazel Grove on the 13th May - this being the run with Deltic 19 on the postponed tour from 1st April - see here


I have amended some of the text relating to the MKA wagons in the MEA section. Thanks to Kevin Bruce who contacted me to give me more details on the MKAs. CEA 361024 in EWS red was noted at Peak Forest sidings on 14th May and it has damage to the roof taupalin and roller - the taup has ripped from the roller bar. TTAs PR58258 and BRT 57231 were present as well as MBA 500067 (still there !!). The former Tarmac PGAs 14900-921 are still at Topley Pike located at the Buxton end of the long headshunt. A rake of MEAs was also found there these being at the Matlock end of the same headshunt. These are used on the recently introduced stone flow to Pendleton, Manchester.


I have added 13 photos of the MBA 'Monster Box' wagons that I saw at Ashburys Redland sidings during May 1999 but forgot about the photos I took of them...doh !!. Anyway here they are MBAs in glorious colour. I had to opportunity to take close-up photos of the wagons. No further news on the Freightliner operation of the Blue Circle cement traffic which is confirmed as being with FL. Some of the EWS CEA covered hoppers were noted by a colleague heading for the Peak Forest direction. Could this be in connection with the lime flow to Fifoots Point Power Station which has just started up recently near Newport, Gwent. No more news on the new Brunner Mond wagons but is thought that BLI are buying some new bogie covered wagons for a new flow of traffic.


The Central trains operated Norwich to Liverpool services have started using the class 170/5 DMUs on some early morning return services. No further news on new wagons or services.


The class 59/2 locos have now left the area to be used on CTRL services in the South-East of England working from Hither Green. An arrangement has also been made so that maintainence is carried out by Mendip Rail who already have class 59/0s and 59/1s. No further news on the new wagons for Brunner Mond although recent correspondance from them infers that delivery will be at the end of this year. The Topley Pike to Pendleton service is now running what appears to one out and back working per day. The return working seems to be routed back via Stockport and Hazel Grove. Cement to Widnes has been replaced by a flow from Oxwellmains near Edinburgh, but the Northenden service still runs. The Warrington - Dowlow Enterprise has been running very erratically recently with ex-Buxton loco 37688 being used recently on several occasions. I will add some more wagon photos as soon as I have scanned them in !


Confirmation that two I.C.I. hopper wagons have been preserved by the Class 20 Locomotive Association has been received via RAIL magazine. In issue No. 375, wagon 19000 is shown shortly after arrival at Butterley on the MRC. 19033 has also been preserved as well. Therefore 19151, the last wagon built for I.C.I. went for the chop with the others at the end of last year. It has been rumoured that some of the new wagons ordered by Brunner Mond for the limestone traffic are in the the works at Winnington and a short rake has been on trial using a class 59/2 or 66. Livery is said to be light blue (lower ?) with white and 'Brunner Mond' in black letters. These wagons are due to be introduced for the new timetable in May. It has been confirmed that Freightliner has won the contract to move cement from Hope Earles Sidings from the new timetable. At present cement is dispatched to Widnes, Northenden and Dewsbury but this will change once the new terminal at Weaste Docks comes online. The sourcing of traction will have to be from Crewe but I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a small loco point being established somewhere. Trafford Park would be ideal for this. Both the Hopper Article and the Wagon Locations guides have been updated. A further rake of Bogie vans has been noted at Peak Forest presumably for bagged cement from Earles Sidings. The 59/2s are due to be moved down south to commence duties at Hither Green. I imagine class 60s will regain the Tunstead-Northwich stone until the PGAs are phased out.


So far so good ! Over the xmas break I have been able to confirm that six wagons are still at Tunstead and now empty ?! They have somehow managed to unload the wagons without the aid of a drop-pit. The new EWS CSA Powder tanks were noted in the inbound sidings. It is thought that these are to be used on the new flow of Quicklime to Fifoots Point power station near Newport, South Wales. This traffic is supposed to be running from BLI Hindlow. Another development is the aquisition of the former Tarmac interests by the Mincorca/Tilcon South group. This would mean that they own both Tunstead, Topley Pike and Hindlow - so some rationalisation may occur. Some good news is the start of traffic from Topley Pike to Pendleton stone terminal - this utilises EWS MBA box wagons and intially will convey 750,000 tonnes per annum rising to 1.5 million thereafter. The former Tarmac PGAs are still here although have been moved to the Buxton end of the quarry headshunt. A rake of 10 bogie vans of Cargowaggon and Tiphook types was noted at Peak Forest recently in the sidings there - these went onto Blue Circle at Hope for loading then 2 days later made there way to Warrington - possible export of bagged cement ? A full list of I.C.I. wagons scrapped by Lloyds Metals can be found here along with details for all of the other wagons - I.C.I. Hopper Locations. Also an my own article on the history of the wagons is also available to read here - The History of the I.C.I. Hopper Wagons.


Merry Christmas ! Have updated the site with more wagon piccies of TTA fuel tanks and PHV wagons being cut-up (boo-hoo). I have also added a page on local freight passing through Hazel Grove. No more news on the scrapping of the PHV wagons at Lloyds Metals although all 50 should have been received by them now.


Confirmation that the former I.C.I. bogie hopper wagons that were at Winnington and Lostock works of Brunner Mond are being sent for scrap has been received. 50 wagons have been sent for scrapping at Lloyds Metals in Salford, Manchester over the past couple of weeks at a rate of two per day. Also two wagons 19000 and 19151 are believed to have been preserved though by whom has not been established as yet.

From Winnington the following have been dispatched; 19013 / 018 / 048 / 088 / 106 / 110 / 138 / 141 / 147 / 155 and 158 (11) which were used Internally on coke and limestone duties. The other wagons were those that have been in store for the past 4 or so years and these were the original internal user wagons at the site until the wagons were retired from mainline duties; 19030 / 037 / 040 / 067 / 084 / 090 / 093 / 094 / 098 / 099 / 109 / 113 / 114 / 121 / 122 / 126 / 132 / 133 / 134 and 136 which makes 20 therefore 31 from Winnington. From Lostock no.s 19003 / 070 / 085 / 123 / 127 / 160 have gone with a few more expected.