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RMC Mortar Powder PCA Tanks

A recent development in the Peak District is the new flow of Lime Mortar powder from the RMC Dove Holes quarry to their Bletchley receiving terminal aided by a Freight Facilities Grant of £518,000 awarded by the Strategic Rail Authority towards the cost of installing new silos and unloading equipment. 15 PCA tank wagons are also being refurbished for the new flow. The refurbished wagons were originally owned by Rugby Cement and used from Foxton and Halling works before being placed into store. Numbers are RC 10025 - 28 / 33 / 34 / 38 / 40 - 43 / 45 / 47 - 49.

Above : PCA RC 10045 is seen parked in the RMC headshunt sidings along with the other 3 wagons.

Above : PCA RC 10043 showing the other side of the tank. Note the feeder pipe running across the end dome presumably to feed air into the tank to aid discharge. The wagons run on Gloucester suspension units.

Above : PCA RC 10049 the last wagon of this batch which were originally built and owned by Procor in 1981 to design PC015D. The wagons were later purchased by Rugby Cement along with the other Procor owned wagons which they had on hire - batches 9435 - 9459, 10019 - 10024, 10050 - 10064 and possibly 9400 - 9424 as well.

Above : From L-R RC 10045 / 048 and 043 are seen parked in the limestone cutting which forms the headshunt end of the RMC loading sidings. In the foreground is a rake of empty JGA hoppers awaiting reloading for Monday morning services.

A further eight tanks had been delivered in the week 23rd - 27th June and these had been stabled in the main Up sidings for the weekend. They are RC 10034 / 042 / 038 / 033 / 040 / 025 / 047 & 027. Two of this rake 038 and 033 are shown below.

A visit to Bristol East yard on the 18th November 2003 turned up the unrefurbished tanks from this batch which had been moved from Fairwater yard near Taunton after a long period in storage. They were PR 10029 / 030 / 031 / 032 / 035 / 036 / 037 / 039 / 044 & 046 which ties in correctly with the wagons that have been refurbished. The only difference being that these all have a PR prefix ! According to the books and records the whole batch was originally prefixed RC (Rugby Cement).

Below : PR 10046 looking rather forlorn. The Rugby Cement markings have been completely painted out but the Procor logo and the operating instructions are mostly still present. Prior to storage at Taunton these wagons were stored in Hinckly Yard just south of Oxford. Compare to this view on Huw Millingtons Wagon Site of the same wagon in 1986.