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Local Railway Photos Page 3


LaFarge/Blue Circle Cement owned Diesel Shunting Locomotive "Blue John" heads up the branch from Hope Cement works to Earles Sidings. Note the stored PCA Vee-tanks on the left 666xx brings 6J91 Hope Earles Sidings to Weaste loaded cement train down the Hazel Grove Chord
Fragonset owned class 33s 33202 + 33103 head down towards Great Rocks Junc. with a railtour from ?? to Buxton Right behind the railtour was 600xx on the return empty BLI and Tiphook hoppers from Pendleton to Great Rocks Junc Reception Sidings
The 33s are seen in the Up Reception Sidings at Buxton awaiting permission to proceed into the station. The 33s had run light to Peak Forest to re-fuel before being added to the front of the train in the reception sidings Providing assistance for the drawback on the return journey from Buxton was one of the few remaining Trainload Coal liveried class 60s, 600xx, seen here heading into the station.
Later on after the railtour had left Buxton and travelled via Chinley, Romiley and Guide Bridge, the train enters Platform 1 at Stockport on the return leg home Another Trainload livery survivor is seen in the shape of Petroleum liveried 600xx heading the empty Brunner Mond JEAs from Northwich to Tunstead
Right behind the Northwich hopppers was 60024 in EW&S livery with a rake of empty RMCs from Salford Hope Street to Peak Forest for RMC Dove Holes Sunday engineering works on the normal booked route, forced the diversion of the loaded Brunner Mond hoppers from Tunstead to Northwich. A reduced load of 15 JEAs top and tailed by class 60s was diverted via Buxton, Whaley Bridge and Stockport. It is seen entering Hazel Grove with 600xx in the lead and out of view at the rear 600xx, both in Trainload Grey branded Mainline livery.
600xx in Trainload Grey branded Loadhaul livery is seen passing the site of the former Gowhole marshalling yard with the afternoon Brunner Mond hoppers for Northwich Team Green meets Team Red !!! The three EWS liveried class 60s were all ticking over and stabled on the line leading to the Down Sidings and RMC sidings as signalling and point renewals meant they couldn't cross over to stable on the Up Sidings. Freightliner 66s, 66xxx + 66xxx arrived light from Earles Sidings for refueling.
37427 heads Pathfinder Railtours "High Peak Hustler" through Hazel Grove with 37669 on the rear as it heads for Buxton. It would later return back to Crewe via Peak Forest, Altrincham and Sandbach. 600xx in Trainload Grey with Mainline branding restarts the Tunstead to Bredbury train after a crew change at Peak Forest
A NENTA excursion from Norwich to Buxton is seen arriving into Buxton station with Fragonset liveried 47703 at the head. 478xx was on the rear of the rake of air-conditioned Mark 2s Later the same afternoon, 47703 is seen powering away from Peak Forest with the return leg of the excursion back to Norwich via Peterborough
47816 hangs on the rear of the return Buxton to Norwich excursion.This loco was originally operated by First Great Western and wore their GW Green livery with lower gold strip for their Sleeper services. It was later purchased by Fragonset and adorned with Fragonset wording on both sides. 66601 "The Hope Valley" is seen on its home patch at Earles Sidings with the return empties from ?? to Tunstead formed of CAIB PGAs. It is seen re-starting the train having been looped to allow the local train to pass and to allow a crew change. Taken with permission.
"Blue John" squeals round the sharp curve with a rake of loaded PCA tanks from the works and heads into the headshunt loop. It will then set the rake of tanks back into the main sidings before taking empties back down for reloading.