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Local Railway Photos Page 2


Chinley South Jnc. 600xx rattles across Chapel Milton viaduct and across the A6 bypass bridge with 6H57 LaFarge Ashburys to Dowlow empty MEAs 66xxx was a surpise working consisting of empty Salmon engineers flats and opens heading for Peak Forest in readiness for the weekends engineering works
60025 brings the Down 6F04 Tunstead to Northwich Hoppers past the overbridge Not long after, 60012 emerges from the cutting with the 6H97 Tunstead to Bredbury formed of ex-National Power JMA coal hoppers which are now owned and operated by EWS
60xxx brings a rake of empty RMC hoppers in from Chinley East Jnc. This is probably the return working from Leeds to Peak Forest Manchester Piccadilly sees a pair of Harry Needle operated class 37s running out of Platform 8. 37xxx and 37xxx were hired in for Rugex special traffic to Cardiff
Earles Sidings - 66xxx roars through the Hope Valley with 6M23 Castleton to Toton welded rail train 666xx starts the heavily loaded cement train amid much sanding to gain traction with the service to Weaste depot
Chinley South Jnc. sees Transrail liveried 60xxx approaching with the return empty cement tanks from Leeds Hunslet to BLI Tunstead Warrington Bank Quay on a dull and wet day is livened up by a pair of DRS class 37/6s which blast through with the Nitric Acid tanks from Runcorn to Sellafield