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Links - Updated January 2003

Some links to sites that have useful info upon them about traction and rolling stock


Class 60 - New - All the latest news about the Class 60s from Tom Burton

DEMU on the Web - Diesel & Electric Modellers United - their site focusing on modern modelling

End of the Line - The last port of call for our dearly beloved Duffs, Tractors and Goyles etc.

English Welsh Scottish Railway - The official site for EWS

Historical Model Railway Society - A good source of info, photos, diagrams on all things railways including BR and Private Owner wagons.

Cheona Publications - A new site from the publishers of the popular Railways in Profile range of books covering a wide selection of rolling stock to be found on British Railways

wagons on the web - Fancy some more wagons ? Then visit Gareth Bayers pages and have a peek

Hazel Grove & District Model Railway Society - my local model railway club.

BR Wagons - Huw Millingtons rather nice selection of 1980s wagons in colour - not recently updated

The UICStock website - by 'The Doctor' - a guide to continental rolling stock in operation - from the maker of the now defunct gbrail website.

8A Rail - a good source of gen for NWest freight and unusual workings

Class 47 Gallery - a nice looking site of those humble but dependable Sulzers by Mr Jones

Class 60 Gallery - another excellent site again maintained by...yes you guessed it Mr Jones again !

North Wales Coast Railway - the place for gen for the coast and also the North-West provided by Charlie Hulme and friends

Garry Brookes Railway Pages - a new site featuring the slide collection of Garry taken during the late 1970s / early 1980s - features good coverage of the ICI Chemical works in and around Northwich.

Rail Express Magazine - now has its own website featuring topical pictures from the ever changing railway scene.

Mainline Models - a new railway model retailer owned and operated by Mr Traynor esq. Under construction at present but will be up and running shortly.

Paul Bartletts Wagons @ Fotopic - an excellent selection of BR and Private Owner wagons from Paul Bartlett mostly taken during the 1970s and 80s with multiple views of most wagons.