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Above : PAAs at Peak Forest having arrived in the 6F17 Warrington Arpley Speedlink service. After the downturn in Grain traffic in the early 1980s these wagons became redundant and having had modifications seemed a bit wasteful. The Lime Powder traffic from Dowlow to the glassworks at Mossend and Barnby Dun were already established in the area using the PBA bogie wagons and other 2-axle wagons like PABs in the range PR 8000 - 49 and the PAAs 14156 - 175 which were transfered away to Alumina and Urea traffic respectively. Therefore some of the Grainflow PAAs were hired and were used on the flow. It is thought that the Lime flow used wagons from BRT 7780 - 799 and usually about 4 could be seen in the Speedlink service. PA004C; BREL, Doncaster 1971, Tare 12.95t; GLW 40.95t; BSC Friction Pedestal. Peak Forest 29/05/1991.

Above : Here we see another PAA in the sidings which were at the side of the former Station buildings - the fuelling point and car park now occupies this area. This wagon has wheel skates fitted to the right hand wheel so has obviously caused some problems recently. Note lime weathering on top and sides. Tech details as above. Peak Forest 27/08/1990.