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EWS CSAs (former Rugby Cement PCAs)


Above : Three of the EWS owned CSA Powder tanks in the yard at Peak Forest. These were formerly owned by Rugby Cement but were out of use for the last few years. EWS re-furbished 8 and numbered them into the railway owned stock number range 876057 - 064.

Above : The rake of 4 CSAs awaiting departure to BLI Hindlow for loading. These will be used on the new flow of Lime powder for the revived power station at Fifoots Point near Newport, S Wales - this was originally known as Uskmouth Power Station. 60077 rests in the foreground between duties. They are CSAs 876062 / 059 / 058 and 057. Dated 31/07/2000

Above : CSAs 876063 / 060 just before departure from Peak Forest South sidings on a snowy 27th Feb 2001. Note the staining effect of the Quicklime

Above : Heavily lime stained CSA 876057 is seen in the Up sidings at Peak Forest during March 2002. From observations it would appear that this wagon was crippled as had resided here for several weeks.

The wagons were originally built to design PC015A by Procor in 1984/85 for Rugby Cement to/from their cement works at Foxton various terminals. At some point during the mid-1990s they were placed into store along with the other Rugby Cement owned wagons. The eight wagons refurbished for EWS are to design CS003A code CSA H and were allocated to pool 3001. The old and new wagon numbers are listed below :-

876057 = RC10058 . . 876058 = RC10054
876059 = RC10056 . . 876060 = RC10050
876061 = RC10062 . . 876062 = RC10063
876063 = RC10055 . . 876064 = RC10059

Some bad news is that the AES Fifoots power station was taken into administration, which is not quite the same as shutting. Administrators are hoping to sell the station as a going concern.AES Fifoots Ltd. is a 360-megawatt coal-fired power station in South Wales . It went into receivership with KPMG Consulting Inc. The plant had been offline since mid-February. I have not seen the wagons recently - although one seen above was noted at Peak Forest in March. Following cleaning of the tanks interiors at Ellesmere Port, the wagons were moved to Mossend then Craiginches Yard where they remain in store. 876057 & 058 were tried out on lime traffic to PD Stirlings yard, Mossend but they were not sucessful and so returned to store.

A visit to Bristol East yard on the 18th November 2003 turned up the seven unrefurbished tanks from this batch which had been moved from Fairwater yard near Taunton after a long period in storage. They were RC 10051 / 052 / 053 / 057 / 060 / 061 & 064 which ties in correctly with the wagons that have been refurbished. These wagons are also owned by EWS along with other PCA tanks from other batches which totals about 100 wagons.

Below : RC 10057 at Bristol East Yard having been moved from store at Taunton. I have not read of any reason for the move but since the original eight wagons are currently in store I doubt that the wagons will be refurbished any time soon unless a new flow is on the cards. Compare this image with this one from Huw Millingtons Wagon site shown here